Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Answers and Question

Clarify: invisible soldier
I think that the video will be about a new sort of camouflage for soldier because the video is called invisible soldier and invisible means can't be seen. So I think that it's a type of camouflage that the enemy can't see.

A. 8 years

Q. How long have the army used camouflage?

A. Camouflage
Q. What are the amy using to hide from the enemy?

A. A material pattern which can be used to camouflage soldiers in any terrain or environment.
Q. What is the cloak that the army are talking about in the video made of?

A. The invisible cloak.
Q. What is the new form of camouflage that the army are trying to create?

A. Quantum stealth technology.
What is the form of technology that the army are using to try and create this new camouflage?

A. By bending the light around the person.
How does the new form of camouflage work?

A. Snipers.
Q. What type of soldier will this camouflage help?
A. No, you don't need a power source.
Q. Do you need a power source for this "invisable cloak"?

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