Monday, 10 February 2014

How to be me on a school morning.

1, You need to whack your alarm to make it turn off in the morning at 6:30.
2, Your mum will yell at you to get up. Just ignore her and go back to sleep.
3, Then your mum will come in and open the curtains. You have no choice but to get up.
4, Get dressed in your school uniform.
5, Go to the kitchen and have cornflakes and vanilla yogurt.
6, Make your lunch and put in, sandwiches, apple, biscuits, and other random stuff.
7, Brush your teeth and get in the car so mum can drive you to the bus stop.
8, Wait for the bus.
9,Get on the bus and go to school.

This is my guide to being me in the morning.

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