Saturday, 12 April 2014

Homework - Wind song poem

 8 words the poet used to describe sounds.

1. Whisper

2. Clang
3. Creak
4. Swish
5. Sigh
6. Slap
7. Snap
8. Whistle

The poet describes some objects as acting like humans, for example "quiet things speak". Find two more examples of this kind of writing from the poem.

1. Treetops sigh 

2. Wires on poles whistle and hum

In the second line the poet states, "The quiet things speak". Name two "quiet things" from the poem.

1. Wires

2. Windows

What is shown by the use of the hyphen at the end of the line, "When the wind goes —"?

1. It means that it's making a sound.

What two main things happen in the poem?

1. Quite thing make noise
2. The wind makes things make noise

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  1. Some of your answers need to be more carefully thought through. Spell quiet correctly.