Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Homework wk5 - Box Method

This is a diagram to explain the box method and estimate of the sum
0.84 x 0.34

Firstly you do an estimate

0.84 x 0.34 round it off to the nearest ten like so
0.80 x 0.30
then you go 8 x 3 = 24 then add the 0's and decimal point
2.400 this is your estimate

Now to show you the correct answer by using the box method

0.84 x 0.34
Draw the box like the diagram shown
take out the decimal point
then put the numbers around top and left sides
in place value
multiply them as shown by the diagram

then add all the numbers inside the boxes together
adding the decimal point back in for the answer



  1. This shows me exactly what to do

    Thanks Matthew

  2. Good work Max. Your estimate is out however. I will need to go over where to put the decimal point.